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MWJ 20230108: Dust is flying here in the garage. Content and links are changing frequently as I decide how to arrange things.

MWJ 20230107: Excited to get Ole Eskild Steensen's Digital Garden plugin (GitHub) working to publish notes directly from my Obsidian vault.

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Back on the contemplative path (my favorite teacher) 2023-02-25
Wanderers, page-turning-est novel I've encountered in a long time 2023-02-12
Huberman Lab – How to Stop Headaches Using Science-Based Approaches 2023-02-08
The Dress 2023-02-05
About me 2023-02-05
Bright sadness 2023-02-05
Disenfranchised grief 2023-02-05
Frisson 2023-02-05
History and motivation 2023-02-05
How Davos does COVID 2023-02-05
How I choose my behavior in response to ongoing COVID pandemic 2023-02-05
Long COVID – major findings, mechanisms, and recommendations 2023-02-05
Moral injury 2023-02-05
Netlify funny 2023-02-05
I was created for joy 2023-02-05
Precautionary principle 2023-02-05
These boots are made for solvitur ambulando 2023-02-05
SARS-CoV-2 is a syncytial virus 2023-02-05
The Empty-Minded Man 2023-02-05
Why bat viruses clobber humans 2023-02-05
Zeigarnik effect 2023-02-05