Frisson: ... also known as aesthetic chills or psychogenic shivers ... The sensation commonly occurs as a mildly to moderately pleasurable emotional response to music with skin tingling; piloerection and pupil dilation not necessarily occurring in all cases.

Into the West

I'd like this song to be played at my funeral/memorial service. Malinda's and Rachel's version is my current favorite.

What Was I Made For


I enjoyed the following conversation between Jon Meacham and Bono in its entirety. But I'm especially taken with The Cathedral Choir performance of "MLK" (Bono/U2 arr. Bob Chilcott) near the end. This song, released on U2's The Unforgettable Fire in 1984, has never hit me like this before (shivers, goosebumps, tears). Scroll to 1:23:20 to hear:

NOTE: Wow. Every performance of this song on YouTube has this frisson effect on me. Here are several: