Wanderers, page-turning-est novel I've encountered in a long time

This is the page-turning-est novel I've encountered in a long time! (Wanderers by Chuck Wendig)

I bought it immediately on completing the generous Kindle sample. Now I want to block out everything else and do nothing else but read/listen to the whole thing, you know?

Wanderers was published in July 2019. The extent to which it foreshadows the COVID-19 pandemic soon to come, with many of the real-life political machinations around it, is eerie. (As of this post, I'm at 28%. No idea where it's going from here.)

Bonus: Besides being a giant novel, Chuck published a giant sequel to it in November 2022—Wayward.

(I'm partly listening, partly doing my favorite thing of reading Kindle version while listening to the Audible version at 2x.)

20230210 UPDATE: Now at 83%. I thought having endured 3 years of nonfictional pandemic would make reading this novel easier. Turns out, might have been easier reading when it came out in 2019 because you could set the book down and, like coming out of a dark cinema into afternoon sunlight, you could gradually adjust yourself back from fictional world to the relative relief of the “real” world. Now, though, I set the book down only to find myself in an ongoing approximation of the dystopian fictional world. It’s hella unnerving.