History and motivation

Mike here, working with the garage door open, seeing if I can get a public writing flow going again. (And letting it be okay if I don't.)

My friends jokingly started calling me Mikey-Mo many years ago. When I hopped on the blogging train at the beginning (2002), I thought I was being clever and morphed this nickname into domain maikimo.net, which I registered on Dec 3, 2002. More than 20 years ago! #blogging

My blog's title then was Tread lightly on the things of earth, "a weblog about computing, politics, and faith (a progressive view)."

Earlier blog Tread lightly from the Wayback Machine:

Then I fell into a long silence, partly discouraged that my original dream of a blog-connected smarter world wasn't materializing, and partly because Facebook had mostly become the place of connection I thought blogging would be.

Fast-forward 12 years: I'm now enthusiastic about the learning possibilities of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) tools, and encouraged by a kinder, gentler world as I've dipped my toes in the Fediverse via Mastodon (for now), I'd like to see if I can find my voice and get meaningful expression flowing again.


This time I'm not trying to change the world;
this time I just want to get clearer to myself.

These days I'm building my PKM ideaverse in Obsidian (which I'm wild about) using Building a Second Brain (BASB) and Linking Your Thinking (LYT) principles. I write my notes in local plain-text Markdown, then publish some of them here—effortlessly!—using the Digital Garden plugin by Ole Eskild Steensen. #pkm

(Was previously using the similarly excellent Quartz by Jacky Zhao.)